There's no doubt that hundreds of millions of dollars of investment dollars are involved so that State Of The Art, Licensed, FDA Inspected United Beef Parcel Service ™ Beef Parcel Beef Processing Facilities ™ can be located in each needed Beef Parcel Production Areas ™ based upon the number of Beef Parcel Farmer Producer Businesses ™ are located in each defined rural farming area of each state.

That's the reason the branded program is so easy to achieve. There are compelling economic motivations and reasons to choose to become an Omaha Business Associate Member, to benefit personally because of that membership.

Think of the Billions of Dollars of Market Value Assets involved associated with hundreds of thousands of USA Farmer Owned And Controlled Farming Assets ™ involved that can be accessed, compared to the tiny investment required to construct the branded Beef Max Mobile Beef Processing ™ vehicle.

More than that, think of the Billions of Dollars of Consumer Dollars that will automatically flow into Omaha Business Associates™ directed enterprise.

Even more than all of those most powerful assets is the fact - the irrefutable fact - that business success
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is largely dependent upon business experience isn't it - of course it is - when access to investment dollars is granted, one of the major considerations is what is the experience of the Executives that are directing the business plan.

Farmers, and experience beef producers are producing the farm crops that feed the beef now; we know that because all the production needed in the Beef Industry is provided by them now. That's where the beef feed and beef come from now.

Moreover it's important to note that all the expertise of people beef processing experience is "available" to process the beef that is delivered to the Omaha Business Associate's program: Theses experienced beef processing people can be easily recruited from thousands of supermarket meat department employees - and the current group of employees who work in the beef processing plans in America.

There's no shortage of labor and management in the USA in the meat processing field for sure - but the important thing is this; most of those experienced beef processing people, would more than likely prefer to work in the relaxed mobile beef processing business" instead of the highly structured, time pressured production environment in the large beef processing facility.

So you see, "money do to this is no problemo" as Arnowd says.

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